Subdivision of existing Lot into 3 lots of about 7.8ha each next to Serpentine River Lot 102 Loc Cockburn Sound 16 Riverside Drive Furnissdale.

Appeal Number: 
Appeal Year: 
Appeal Received: 
29 April 1987
R & A Krackowitzer
RW & FP Hankinson
Environmental Protection Notice
Grounds of Appeal: 
Investigation of this appeal has included consideration of advice from the Department of Environmental Protection, the WA Planning Commission and the Minister for Planning... The proposal was to subdivide the lot into 3 new lots. There are 2 residences on the existing lot. After consideration by the West Australian Planning Commission and the Minister for Planning, the proposal has gained planning approval in a modified form to allow the subdivision into 2 lots, to enable a separate lot for each house... The boundary changes will therefore reflect an existing situation where two houses are already on the land, and will provide a separate title for each house. The subdivision will not cause an increased nutrient loading to the Serpentine River.